Galvanized steel fire-water and drinking water reservoirs

Galvanized steel tanks are an economical way to store drinking water, fire fighting water, rain water, raw water, various types of waste water, etc.

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Tank dimensions
We supply tanks with a capacity ranging from 9m3 to more than 4000m3, and with a diameter ranging from 3.1m. Consequently, we are able to to offer a product for a wide range of specifications and requirements.

Tank components
The highest quality galvanized steel sheets, which are bolted with each other to form a cylinder construction. Such a technology allows to reduce installation time and costs - replacing the massive concreting and welding works.

For sealing is used, in advance industrially produced, membrane, which reduces water leakage risks. Each membrane before sending out, having a full quality control, which excludes the existence of any defect.

As the base and the top of the tank fixings are used L-shaped, galvanized steel profiles. They are curved to each tank individually. Depending on the size of the tank, it is also used to as a wind stiffener, to withstand both - the contents and the wind load.

As standard tanks are equipped with inlet, outlet, overflow and drain connections. According to customer requirements connections are adapted to the project specification.

Very often it is necessary to install the tank with insulation. We offer submersible 3kW heater, internal and external insulation. For each project specification, we recommend the right solution,  in order that stored substance do not freeze even in the most extreme weather conditions.

According to customer requirements, we equip tanks with accessories - side shell manway, caged ladder, service platform, etc.

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Tank assembly

Assembly is carried out using a hydraulic jacks or scaffoldings. Advised to consult for the recommended method for assembly, for a given tank size.

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Damage repair

Galvanized steel sheets, which are caused by mechanical or environmental damage, can be changed without dismantling the entire tank. If you have any damage to the membrane, it is also possible to fix it at the site.

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