Glass fused to steel tanks

Glass fused to steel tanks are the unique technology, these materials are melted together at +815°C high temperature, resulting an amazing physical and chemical resistance. The main benefits are: 

  • Industrial quality control ensure durable, long-lasting coating that fulfills its functions even in the most extreme conditions, without the need for large investments and maintenance in the future.
  • Glass fused to steel tans are assembled in short time, using less equipment. 
  • Prefabricated structure makes it easy to replace the damaged panels, or to move the whole tank, etc.
  • Much more cost-effective solution in comparison with concrete and welded tanks.

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We supply tanks with a capacity of up to 50,000m3.  Almost unlimited tank dimentions and reliability allows to store water, waste water, digestate, biogas, manure, biofuels, etc.

Tank components
Glass fused to steel sheets are produced to strict quality control, without any deviations from the standards. Each sheet is tested individually, and if the defect is discovered, it will be recycled, not repaired.

As a sealant is used mastic, which was developed together with tank producers, designed for exactly that purpose. 

As the base and the top of the tank fixings are used L-shaped, galvanized steel profiles. They are curved to each tank individually. Depending on the size of the tank, it is also used to as a wind stiffener, to withstand both - the contents and the wind load.

As standard tanks are equipped with inlet, outlet, overflow and drain connections. According to customer requirements connections are adapted to the project specification.

Very often it is necessary to install the tank with insulation. We offer submersible 3kW heater and external insulation. For each project specification, we recommend the right solution,  in order that stored substance do not freeze even in the most extreme weather conditions.

According to customer requirements, we equip tanks with accessories - side shell manway, caged ladder, service platform, etc.

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Tank assembly

Assembly is carried out using a hydraulic jacks or scaffoldings. Advised to consult for the recommended method for assembly, for a given tank size.


Tank sheets, which are caused by mechanical or environmental damage, can be changed without dismantling the entire tank., or if there is minor damadge, repair kit can be used.